Kit Corallo Rich Texture + complimentary  Cream Cleanser!

Kit Corallo Rich Texture + complimentary Cream Cleanser!

This Christmas surprise and gift a Soha experience! With the purchase of the Corallo Ai3 Filler Treatment 50ml - All skin types or Rich Cream - complimentary Corallo Ai3 Cleansing Cream 200ml format !


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Lentisk (Pistacia Lentiscus) is a characteristic plant of the Mediterranean flora and has been used from ancient times by the inhabitants of the Island of Sardinia for its medicinal properties. Its oil is rich in essential fatty acids, its resin in oleanolic acid -it helps the skin recover its natural regeneration abilities- while its leaves are rich in tannins, flavanoids and anti-ageing polyphenols. Soha combines a resin extract that activates cell repair and increases the synthesis of the youth protein Klotho in fibroblasts with a Lentisk leaf extract that has strong anti-oxydants properties and strengthens skin's hydro-lipidic film.

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